BoyFun - Jocks In Charge 3

Elliot Holloman might be a sweet looking little twink boy, but when it comes to some good old fashioned BoyFun he's usually in top position and burying his inches deep inside another guy's ass. That's fine for Mario Gibson, he loves nothing more than getting his smooth round rump filled with bare dick! The two are engaged in some innocent play, chucking snow around and making a mess, but within moments Mario is making his intentions clear and taking the opportunity to grope for some dick. All it takes is a little physical contact and the two are quickly searching for those boners, making out on the couch while their hands explore. For such a slim little guy Elliot has one of the most impressive uncut cocks, but it's okay, Mario knows how to work it with his hungry mouth. He's soon bobbing up and down on the young man's erection, making it glisten with precum and spit. When his rock hard knob is revealed Elliot doesn't waste a moment before getting his mouth around it, showing off his skills and making Mario moan with pleasure. Although these boys could probably spend the rest of the afternoon gobbling each other's dicks they don't want to miss out on the real fun of butt fucking. After shifting scenery and heading to the comfort of the bedroom handsome young Mario kneels to present his smooth behind, an offer the younger boy can't decline. Elliot aims with the tip of his swollen cock, easing his naked inches into his pal and proceeding to bugger the boy deep! With his boner bouncing around and his balls swinging Mario takes a ride, sliding up and down on his buddy's dong as the pleasure continues to grow. A little pause in proceedings allows Elliot to spit in his hole and finger his friend before pushing in once more to take them to the finish line. A few more rapid strokes of his hard young cock in that snug little hole and Mario's tight abs are decorated with ball juice!

You have to admit that if Martin Hovor walked past you in the park looking as fine as he does you'd be giving him the eye and inviting him for some BoyFun too, right? Nick Danner can't resist the sight of the studly young man, making eye-contact and seductively enticing him with his twinky wiles. Of course, Martin is a buff boy who spends a lot of time working out and we all know that makes fit guys like him ten-times hornier and always ready for action, so it won't be a shock to you that he's more than happy to hook up and have some horny fun. We join the boys back in the bedroom as sexy young Nick aims his new friend's hard uncut cock, revealing his delicious tool from his jeans and gobbling the wet tip like a boy who's been denied dick for far too long. The dick lust is more definitely mutual, as seen by the greediness with which Martin worships his new friend's erect length in return, the two licking and sucking each other all over the bedroom until the need to fuck becomes too great to ignore. Martin lays back and presents his solid manhood and Nick doesn't waste a moment, easing his naked pucker down on his new buddy's shaft, his perfectly smooth little hole wrapping around the warm offering as Martin moans with pleasure. Taken from behind and with his full balls swinging Nick issues horny groans, each jab of the bareback cock generating a wave of bliss inside. The thrusting the boy takes when he's finally on his back is almost enough to have him squirming with pleasure, but Nick holds his cum back until Martin has pulled out and splashed his hot milky goo all over him, ending their tryst with his own copious cum load flooding from his hooded length!

I think it might be time to start some kind of tourism agency for gorgeous boys like British twink Taylor Mason, there's probably a few thousand young men like him who would love to be shown around Prague by a boy like Alan Caine. We join them at the river where the two handsome young guys meet for the first time, but you know that after a little get-to-know-you chatting and a ride out on the lake the two are eager to continue their newfound friendship with some deliciously hot BoyFun. It seems young Taylor knows a thing or two about the tanned young twink, he's not at all surprised by the length of hard cock presented to him when he reveals the youthful boner from Alan's pants. He's a skilled sucked, slurping on the wet tip and playing with Alan's balls while he bobs on the warm tool in his mouth. It's a delicious sight, but we all know Alan is just as talented. Laying his friend on the bed he sets his eyes on the prize, quickly getting access to the perfectly pink and hooded length Taylor has for him. The British boy's cock is soon glistening with a mix of precum and spit, but the oral delights aren't over yet. With his long cock bouncing and throbbing Alan gets his new guest on his knees, his pale little butt up in the air, his cheeks soon parted for the boy to slip a tongue in. All that licking and lapping at Taylor's tight little pucker soon has him desperate for dick, something Alan can deliver with eager thrusts as he eases his bareback boner deep inside. Being fucked from behind soon has Taylor moaning for more, leading to a ride on his new pal's length as he straddles the boy and impales his rump on the healthy length of a boner. It's enough to have any bottom ready to cum, but it's when Taylor takes it on his back with his prostate being rubbed repeatedly that he finally can't stop his hooded dick from spilling seed. As moans of youthful enjoyment escape their lips Taylor's cock spits teen cream, splashing semen up his smooth and tight body. The convulsing of the boy's hole around his engorged length quickly encourages Alan to do the same, pulling out and heading up to the handsome young man's face, showering him with ropes of cum and giving him a taste of his juices. We wonder who the next visitor will be?

Gregor Gilead and Tommy Hunter have a chance meeting in the street, cruising each other as they pass, swapping a quick-expression so subtle any voyeur watching them could easily miss it. With their language of lust enticing them both they quickly returning to Tommy's apartment for some spontaneous BoyFun, immediately meeting in a lip-locking embrace. The handsome host gives his new friend a little loving smooch but it's quickly clear that what he's really after is the length of stiff boy meat between his buddy's legs. Gregor has a delicious cock, that's obvious from the way good-looking Tommy worships it with such hunger, bobbing up and down on the juicy tool while the hung young man leans back on the couch and enjoys all the attention. Of course, one good sucking deserves another, and within a short time Gregor is feasting on the generous portion of fuckmeat Tommy has to offer in return, showing that he's certainly no slouch when it comes to pleasuring dick. Their exchange of tongue lapping pleasure can only lead to an inevitable butt stuffing, and it seems young Gregor is more than capable when it comes to having his smooth little pucker stretched. Tommy fills his friend with his inches of wet and naked cock, fucking the boy on his side then giving the young man a ride on his awesome bareback length, finally fucking Gregor on his back until his smooth and tight body is ready to be decorated with semen. Tommy stands over his smooth young twinky friend, wanking his thick tool and launching a splashing mess of hot cum over the boy, almost instantly triggering young Gregor's climax in appreciation and leaving his slim frame dripping with jizz.

Cast: Alan Caine, Elliot Holloman, Gregor Gilead, Mario Gibson, Martin Hovor, Nick Danner, Taylor Mason, Tommy Hunter

Duration: 1.56 hrs.

Released: 07/2020