Bel Ami – Kieran Benning & John Lennox

The stars of our final scene in Summer in Prague are Kieran Benning and John Lennox. It was not planned to be this way, but as a result of the previous night's party, Kieran's scheduled partner has suddenly 'fallen ill' and could not make it to the shoot. There is no doubt that John has taken longer dicks in the past when being fucked by Helmut and Eluan, but we are pretty sure that this has been his thickest one to date, but knowing how much he likes to get fucked we suspect that this may be his favourite so far. With such a talented bottom, Kieran certainly doesn't have to hold back at all and we end the scene and the series with a thick and creamy load being pushed back inside John by a very satisfied Kieran.

Duration: 20:50