Twinkloads – Connor Taylor – Kyle Bryce Bottoms – Encounter 1

Looks like power twink Connor Taylor is supplementing his part time food delivery gig with work as a private masseur. Kyle Bryce is invited to strip and get on the Connor’s table. There’s no pretense of modesty here - no warm towel to cover his unmentionables. Kyle puts his perked up nips and cock right on the cold leather and Connor gets to work with the oil. Kyle isn’t aware that Connor is discarding articles of his own clothing throughout the massage, but maybe this is what Kyle came for. After all, Connor is getting quite the reputation around town, and he proves why when he lets his cock fall on the back of Kyle’s head as he rubs the man’s back. Kyle raises his head to get Connor’s cock in his mouth, and not just some of it. ALL of it. Kyle depthroats Connor until the twink is moaning, then Connor instructs his client to get on all fours and immediately starts massaging Kyle’s hole with his tongue. Connor gets bossy, telling Kyle to bend over the end of the table so he can fuck him. Even though he's lubed up, Kyle isn’t sure he's prepared for the full length of Connor’s cock to go straight in, but the twink is in charge and he pushes through Kyle’s moans. It’s not long until Kyle is riding back on Connor’s big dick to take it at his own pace. Out comes the phone, and Connor gets a POV shot of his cock impaling Kyle. He puts it away as he’s getting closer to cumming and he picks up the speed. Kyle is gasping as Connor goes fast, and the twink pulls out to launch a few ropes of cum up Kyle’s back before pushing balls deep again.

Duration: 41:09