[Lucas Entertainment] Rudy Gram Services Dick, Sc 2 - Abraham Shehell Bangs Ricky Hard Bareback (720)

Released: 27 Sep 2021
Duration: 33m 20s

Ricky Hard is a young gay man, and that means he has a healthy and energetic sex life.

He just got done sucking and fucking with Rudy Gram, but he’s still got plenty of passion left over. So, when the handsome and sultry Abraham Shehell asked him if he wanted to hang out and cuddle, it was a definite yes. But with two guys who look this good and with too much to offer naked and in the sack, a hell of a lot more than cuddling is going to happen.

Abraham Shehell takes control of the situation quickly, and Ricky Hard loves every minute of it. Ricky has a special place in his libido for Latin men, and when he sees Abraham fully naked and rock hard waiting to fuck him, he turns totally submissive and takes all the dick Abraham has to offer!