Jason Sparks Live - Logan Carter & Spencer Daley - BAREBACK in Atlanta

Sexy blond twunk, Spencer Daley is back, and this time he’s in an Atlanta motel room with the hugely handsome, muscle otter, Logan Carter. They immediately get down and dirty, stripping to their underwear, kissing deeply, grinding their bodies seductively against each other.

Bearded Logan kneels on the bed and encourages Spencer to get to work on his impressive dick. Spencer happily obliges, taking every rock-hard inch of man meat into his hungry, tight throat.

Logan is soon lying on his back on the edge of the bed, legs in the air, panting in uncontrollable pleasure as Spencer thrusts his prehensile tongue into him.

Despite this, it’s actually Logan who turns top and gets his dick deep into Spencer. He fucks hard and rhythmically, slamming his long dick balls deep into the hairless blond bottom. Spencer is helpless to do anything but groan and enjoy it.

Moments later, Spencer is standing, leaning over the bed, with Logan behind him, pounding him hard and fast, very much demonstrating the fine art of power-topping, seemingly attempting to wreck Spencer with every brutal thrust.

Spencer gets on his back and spreads his legs so that Logan can kneel between them, skewering his tight ass from the front. The look of concentration on Logan’s face tells us that he wants to give Spencer the ride of his life. The look of pure satisfaction on Spencer’s tells us that Logan’s achieving his goal!

Duration: 17:35 minutes

Released: September 17, 2021