[GayCest] - Deflowering Another Grandson - Our Family Bonds - Tape 1 - Max Sargent and Jay James

I don’t really talk to my cousins that much. Our families are spread out all over the place and as we’ve gotten older we see each other less. If it wasn’t for my grandpa, I don’t if we’d see them beyond the occasional Christmas or Thanksgiving. It surprised mAe, then, when I got a sort of cryptic text from my cousin, Danny. The text thread was a few years old, picking up from some Secret Santa stuff, to suddenly, out of the blue, it read: “Just saw grandpa. He wants to talk to you. Just go with it.” That’s it. “Just go with it.” I didn’t know what it meant. I tried to get more out of him, but he seemed to not want to say much more than that. Sure enough, about a week later, I got a call from Grandpa Ballard wanting to take me away for the weekend. It was a little strange for him to want to spend time with just me and not my dad or other brothers. We weren’t exactly the most close pair, but maybe he just wanted to change that. The words “just go with it” stayed in my head. Danny’s never steered me wrong before, so I figured, why not? At the very least, my curiosity was piqued. We drove a ways away to this little house in the woods. It reminded me of the type of rentals my friends and I had eyed for after graduation. It was cozy, small, but clean and modern. I figured we’d spend the weekend just talking about school and jobs and such. But almost immediately, things felt off. Inside, we found some bathrobes and jockstraps placed on a table. It seemed like strange amenities for a rental, but grandpa proceeded to hand me a set and brought me to a wood panelled room to change. I was definitely interested in a sauna or hot tub, but I didn’t really ever plan on being in one with my grandpa! But before I could even find out where we were sleeping, I was in a small changing area, watching him strip down to nothing! It was clearly meant for one person. I sat on a bench about a foot away from him as he casually dropped his pants and his cock fell out. It was massive! It looked like a rhino horn more than a dick. I couldn’t tell if he was hard or not, but it seemed to stick out much more than I would have guessed! I tried not to stare, but where I was seated, I didn’t really have anywhere else to look… except for his face. Grandpa Ballard just put on his jockstrap, tucking away his monster member like it was no big deal. He flashed me a quick smile, almost as if to say, “all set, kiddo!” I tried to play it cool, but I couldn’t believe what was happening. What’s more… it made me even more curious. When it was my turn to change, I didn’t really know how to proceed. I did as he did, stripping down and removing my clothes. When I took off my underwear, I felt a little flush in my face. I lost my footing slightly and my grandpa placed a hand on my hip to keep me still. This would have been fine, except his hand was on my bare ass when he did it. It was somewhat innocuous, but I couldn’t help feeling my heart race. I’d never been touched… there… before. And to think that it was my grandpa. I don’t know. It was weird, but I think only because I didn’t mind… Once I had my jockstrap and robe on, I followed him out of the tiny space, hoping to find a nice area to relax. But instead of walking into a sauna, we made our way into a brightly lit day room with a large, flat bed. It seemed more for massaging than for sleeping, which made my tense up even more. My grandpa’s touch definitely made me feel confused before. The thought of a full massage made me nervous. I mean, what if I accidentally got hard? Grandpa was very gentle and comforting as he laid me down, taking off my robe and setting it aside. I could hardly breathe, let alone speak. I was about to ask him if this was okay, but before I could bring the air out from my lungs, I felt him straddling me from behind, his legs on either side of mine, as he began to slowly and sensually massage my back. I won’t lie. It felt good. Really good. But all the while, I kept thinking that I shouldn’t be here. “Just go with it.” Sure thing, Danny. Easier said than done. But Grandpa Ballard seemed to know what he was doing. His fingers moved around my body, relaxing me more than I thought I could be in that situation. And even when he put his hands on my butt again… I don’t know. It felt really good. So good that I felt myself getting more than a little aroused. I tried to stay on my front, not showing the prominent bulge in my jockstrap, but as I was worried about hiding myself, Grandpa Ballard seemed more interested in finding all my sensitive spots. His hands moved over my backside, playing with my hole, shooting a fiery sensation throughout my body, even making my cock leak a little. I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t want it stop. “You like that?” he asked. Maybe it was my breathing or the way I moved my hips, but he seemed to know I was enjoying his massaging quite a bit. Then, removing all sense of denial, he pulled my nuts out of my jockstrap, cradling them and licking them. I felt the air leave my lungs then. His mouth continued to explore my loins, moving up to my ass and licking at my hole. The feeling of his bristly beard and wet tongue was so wild and hot, I didn’t want it to end. He paused for a moment to whisper, “You taste like all the boys in our family, too...” Then it hit me. Danny! This was what Danny was trying to tell me! I knew I was going to have to compare notes with him when I got back, but for now, all I could think about was how much I loved having grandpa’s mouth on me… and thinking about putting my mouth on him...

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