Disruptive Collection 720P

This is a re-encoded version of the collection uploaded previously.3 Goals:

40% the size of the original for slower connections: 4.8GB vs 11.8GB.

Compatible with mobile: tested and now compatible on iPhone 5S, 12 Pro, Plex, Asus, and Samsung devices with native apps, also works with VLC.

Quality: carefully re-encoded for maximum quality within limits of smaller size.

A Virgin No More
Starring: Dale Savage snd Jack Bailey
Don't Ask Don't Tell
Starring: Elliot Finn and Justin Matthews
Guy Talk
Starring: Brandon Anderson and Roman Todd
Starring: Dalton Riley and Ryan Jordan
Point Of Entry
Starring: Nick Capra and Jack Hunter
The Last Course-ACT I
Starring: Dakota Payne, Chris Damned, Johnny Hunter, and Trevor Harris
The Last Course-ACT II
Starring: Johnny Ford, Dante Colle, and Jim Fit
Full thumbnail sheet provided for each
Anal, Oral, Plot-based, 720P, Bareback (non-condom)
If you have the one from yesterday the content is identical.