Corbin Fisher - ACM2704 - Juicing Jared - Dane & Jared [1080p]

Release: August 20, 2021
Length: 18m 48s

The theme of this hot episode? Let Dane go to town on Jared’s hole, pounding him mercilessly.

That’s really what this one is about, and Jared and Dane wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re not too far in to the action when Dane’s stiff dick is sliding in to Jared’s hole and the fucking begins. From that point on, it’s relentless - whether Jared’s ass up on his hands and knees or on his back with legs in the air, Dane’s drilling him. Muscles are flexing and rippling, they’re moaning and groaning, Dane’s dick is pistoning in and out of Jared’s ass while Jared’s own hard dick is pulsing.

Finally, with Jared riding Dane and Dane driving his dick up in to Jared’s ass, both guys reach the brink - Jared’s load sprays out all over Dane’s ripped chest, and then Dane’s own load blasts off in every direction!