[College Dudes] Picked Up And Fucked Raw - Jakeb Wilde and Aiden Asher BB (4Sep2021)

Released: 4 Sep 2021

Duration: 20m 40s

Taking a break from studying, Aiden decides to go on a jog in the woods. While on his run, he crosses paths with Jakeb, and they both look at each other with delight. They signal to each other that they both want fun, which leads to Jakeb on his knees with Aiden’s dick in his mouth. The boys agree to head back to Jakeb’s place, where the fun continues.

On his bed, Jakeb takes care of Aiden by sucking him off and then eating his ass. Aiden loves the attention, and shows off his oral skills by blowing Jakeb and getting skillfucked by him. At that point, Jakeb is hard enough to get inside Aiden and give it to him hard. “Spread your fuckin cheeks” he orders Aiden before plowing his cock in from behind. Aiden’s eyes roll back as Jakeb pounds him hard on the bed, thrusting deep into Aiden’s ass. He flips Aiden over and gets on top of him, going balls deep in his hole.

Feeling Jakeb’s big dick inside him brings out Aiden’s load, as he cums all over his stomach while he continues to get fucked. When Jakeb gets close, he pulls out and straddles over Aiden’s face, then pumps his cock and drops a warm load all over Aiden’s mouth and chin, leaving Aiden satisfied and covered in cum.