ChaosMen 2643 - Drake Von & Jason Windsor

It actually didn't take me too long to get Drake back in the studio, but he had been busy shooting scenes elsewhere. For once, I really was glad.He got a lot more experience and was a great deal more comfortable shooting this video.

Which was great because, as usual, Jason was on top of his game!

Jason loved sucking on Drake's cock, and I think Drake was impressed with Jason's dick size too.

Still trying to figure out if Drake is at least Bi, but he does spend some time watching himself on the monitors while he fucked Jason. He could be admiring his skills, but in person, I got the impression he was getting-off watching himself fuck a dude.

And Jason promised to not cum accidently while I was on the floor filming. It has become a bit of a running joke, me reminding him that, "I am not going to the ground, DON"T CUM Okay?"

Thankfully he held out, and we got an amazing shot of him busting his load while Drake fucks him with his thick cock.

And Drake gives us a perfect cum shot too! He shot his load on Jason's hole, the plunged in, dumping the rest deep inside of Jason!

10 September 2021

Duration: 30:32