[Boys Halfway House] Incident # 310 - No Excuse For Lazy - Daniel Hausser

Released: 12 July 2021

Duration: 25m 50s

When a resident enjoys fun way too much, they always end up missing rent. It's either because they can't hold a job at all, or because they spend every penny on frivolities. At any rate, the managers must keep these guys in check. In this guys' case, he is just plain lazy, and it shows. He seems to only care about how his peers perceive him, and that doesn't bode well for his recovery. Obviously, his family isn't on board with his former way of life, either.

So, in true form, we decided to give him the full treatment. Luckily he gives the most amazing blowjobs, because our trusty Manager has a cock that he can really work on. Truth be told, he's given enough of them, we are sure. That ass, though! After fucking this guy hard and deep, our Manager couldn't help but let loose a big load of jizz. His ass feels so tight, and so inviting - smooth fuck that's for sure. There's no excuse for lazy, but at least he's a useful cum rag.