[Boys Halfway House] Incident # 303 - Smack Talkin' Derelict - Clay Fucks Johnny Hunter

Released: 2 June 2021
Duration: 22m 18s

House Managers don't take kindly to residents talking smack behind their backs. Respect for authority, in a way, is the primary concern here, because all of the other rules basically flow from that authority. When we have an occasion of a resident eroding the authority of the Managers, we take it seriously, and we move swiftly. It's like a rotten apple in a barrel of apples. (Well, not really - all of these guys are bad apples). But you get my drift.

This guy at least spent enough time on the streets that he can work a cock better than almost any resident in recent memory. The story here, however, isn't his mouth. His butt - it's so fucking pretty. He has a perma-tan from all of his lazing around at the beach and at parks, so that pale white butt really stands out, and when it is spread open - hot damn! It's one of the prettiest cunts I've ever seen. I wanted to dive into it right away, and I sure did.

This guy can take a pounding, so I gave him a definite pounding. For extra measure, I went ass to mouth on him, in hopes that he would realize exactly what a mouth is to be used for at the House, which is not to talk smack. A resident's mouth should be used only to answer affirmatively or to pleasure the Managers. Right after having him suck my cunt stained cock a bit, I went right back to fucking, and I fucked him hard until that pretty little ass of his was bred good. He will probably still be a problem, but hopefully not that much of a problem.