[Boys Halfway House] Incident # 299 - Grit In The Oyster - Todd

Released: 1 May 2021
Duration: 23m 46s

There's a saying that the grit in an oyster eventually turns into a pearl. Well, sometimes I wonder how much grit is in a pile of manure, because all of us House Managers must have a shit-ton of pearls stored up for us in heaven for dealing with these imbeciles. Even so, we try to cultivate the pearl in each and every one of these no-good louses. This one got caught with some paraphenalia, and since I hadn't had a go at him, I decided to give it to him good. Little did I know when I started what a pound-down this guy would be getting.

He sucks dick like a champ, so I'm sensing a little experience in that department. I made him go all the way down, spit in his mouth, held his head pressed firmly against my cock. . . and yet he held with it, and it even felt fantastic! I finally rolled him over on his stomach and once his ass cheeks were spread, I readied my cock to work in. To be honest, I didn't have much trouble there, either.

I began fucking him on his stomach, and soon rolled him over. He was making contorted facial expressions like a lot of guys do, but the hole itself felt just fine. Not too tight, and in fact, downright inviting. I didn't really want to stop, so I had him ride me until his legs finally gave away, and even then I just had him turn around and ride some more, so that I could admire his ass cheeks while he was grinding up and down on my cock. Once I finally laid him back down, his ass was gaping and loose, and I really let go. I fucked him basically like a jackhammer until I bred that ass good.

I don't know if this will be enough of a deterrent to get him back on track, but by the looks of his hole after this session, he won't be looking forward to seeing me and him alone in a room again for a while.