[BeefCake Hunter] Deep fucked by Beefcake Marquis (1080p)

Released: 15 Sep 2021
Duration: 30m 33s

Marquis (anal)

Store Associate 28 | 6' | 190 | 9"

Beefcake Marquis kept his word and now he is back at the BCH arena with this awesome Deep fucked by Beefcake Marquis video 🙂

It is so nice to work with this sexy Beefcake, he is all smiles and I love that, and for this encounter I made him stand up in the middle of BeefCakeHunter Land, so we can appreciate his beauty in all his glory, not without asking him first some intimate questions, like when was the last time, he fucked somebody in the ass and sort of things like that. You must watch the video to know his answer.

After that brief chat and a lot of smiles, I started to tour his sexy body while he was getting undressed just keeping his shoes and underwear. A very tempting vision of his cock fully hard under his undies, made me ask him to show some of it…. I couldn’t wait to be on my knees to enjoy that delicious BBC 🙂

Once on my knees you will enjoy a double angle of my servicing of Marquis, without missing a thing of his hot facial expressions! and a hot view of his manhood, body, and sexy face from below, completed this oral scene before getting Deep fucked by Beefcake Marquis.

Before getting on my fours for him to slide that big meat into my tight hole, I had to get him in the zone again, putting in practice what I have learned gets him on. Then when that big tool was ready, slowly I accommodate it into my hole, it was a bit painful at first, but Beefcake Marquis is a kind guy, and he didn’t rush it, he was patient.

The pounding was pure BCH Heaven, feeling that hard wood stretching my hole in every pounding just got me wild. I knew he was about to cum a couple of times, but he did a good job in holding it, I even laid on my side so he could change the dynamic and hold it even longer.

But he holds it for too long, that when it was the time, he could cum, he couldn’t, which was good! Lol, but for the sake of the show, we need to get his babies out, and that is why I made him seat and sucking him the way he likes, I made him cum a thick delicious amount of semen that went straight to my tongue and then throat, sorry Hunters, no sharing this time lol I

hope you guys enjoy this Deep fucked by Beefcake Marquis video.