BearFilms - Axel Wood and John Lock(720p)

There was no way we were going to allow a new guy on set and not let John get the first shot at fucking his ass. We all knew Axel was in for a treat. John jumped on the cub as soon as they hit the bed. They started kissing and undressing. Soon enough, Axel got a taste of what he came for when John pulled his dick out. Axel loved every inch of his mouth on John's cock. And after more kissing, Axel went right back to it. John then went right for what he wanted in return. He went face deep in Axel's ass and teased it with his cock, before spitting on it and plunging inside. After repeating it a few times, John doesn't hold back anymore and pounds Axel's wet hole. He threw his cub on his knees and continued to fill his ass until John was ready to shoot and used Axel's mouth to milk it out.