Str8Hell – Tomas Mracek & Roman Renda RAW – RAUNCHY

Tomas Mracek is in the dungeon. He is kneeling with his wrists shackled high above him. Roman Renda comes in and begins to feel Tomas' hot body and to kiss him too. Roman reaches into Tomas' jeans as well as he kisses him. Soon Tomas' rock hard dick is out of his jeans and being wanked as they kiss more. Roman leans down and takes Tomas' rampant cock into his mouth. He sucks on the cock as it stands fully to attention. Roman also sucks and licks on Tomas' tight balls too. Then Tomas lays down on the swinging bench. Roman kisses him again and returns to sucking on that throbbing cock. Tomas wants some dick to suck too and they change positions as Roman gets naked. His cock is stiff too and Tomas eagerly goes down on it to suck it hard. He kisses Roman again too as he sucks that dick. After wanking and sucking on that cock for a while Tomas wants more. He slides his ass down on the cock and takes it deep into his ass. Roman fucks him hard and fast as the tight hole slides up and down. Moving again Tomas kneels with Roman behind him. Roman's dick slides back into the eager hole and starts to fuck again. Tomas takes the dick well as Roman pounds his hot hole. Tomas then turns over, onto his back, and wanks himself hard as Roman fucks his ass. The wanking soon results in Tomas shooting his hot cream. He milks his dick dry as Roman continues to fuck him deep. Then Roman pulls out and wanks himself to shoot his load too.

Duration: 19:49