Staxus Classic: Bare Witness - Scene 5 - Remastered in HD - Mark Lee, Andre Lopes, Andre Shut

As any porn director will tell you, it’s always nice to have a newbie on set – a fresh face to liven up the action. But there’s no denying that it also makes life much easier to be working with guys who’ve done it all before and who know exactly what’s expected of them – as was the case here with Mark Lee, Andre Lopes and Andre Shut. All prolific performers in their own right, they needed little if any direction from Vlado Iresch in this fantastic locker-room threesome.

Somewhat ironically, however, the storyline for the scene centres upon blond-haired beauty, Shut, being the new member of the STAXUS soccer team. Given his already prolific portfolio of jizz-laden appearances on camera, it’s all a bit of a joke; and needless to say it’s no time at all before the fellow is positioned on a bench between Lee and Shut taking every inch of dick on offer. It signals the start of a truly terrific set-piece between three of the hottest, horniest fuckers in the business at the time – and the passage of the years has done very little to temper its impact.

Indeed, we defy anyone who likes gay porn not to be tugging on their cock as Shut quite literally gets buggered by his two buddies in a whole variety of positions – including being energetically spit-roasted over the bench and furiously riding Lee’s dick cowboy-style! It’s little wonder the boy can’t hold back from spewing his wad; before Lopes and Lee initiate the fellow into the team by positioning themselves either side of him and spraying him with sperm, leaving his face quite literally dripping with the gooey contents of their bollocks!