Scout Boys - Troop Time: Rope Tying - Ian Levine, Cole Blue and Bishop Angus (1080p)

Dad was right about joining the Scouts. He told me I’d have experiences I’d never forget. He talked about halcyon days, the pine-scented air, the sense of camaraderie… What he didn’t mention was the sex! And now, of course, I’ll never be able to look at my Dad in the same way again! If it was anything like as raunchy in his day as it is now… Woh!

Scoutmaster Angus tells me I’m already a promising Scout. He also tells me I’ve got a bigger dick than most of the other boys. I’m also much taller, so he’s encouraging me to explore my natural dominance. That’s what he calls it, anyway. I’m trying my hardest to please him and figure I’m doing pretty well. When I came to camp for the first time, I guess I was really quiet and nervous. Now I’ve realized that shy boys get nothing. It’s the confident boys who call the shots and get what they want…

And I want Ian real bad. He’s so cute. He’s quite short and small but he looks so adorable in his uniform. I could tell he was into me. The other day, we went into the forest to gather wood for the bonfire. We both needed to pee and I could see him looking at my dick, so I threw him against a tree and fucked him. It felt amazing.

This afternoon, the two of us went back into the forest to practice rope-tying. Scoutmaster Angus tells us it’s a skill we all need to hone and to please him we should practice it as often as possible. It struck me today that there’s something quite naughty about rope. With the right set of knots tied in the right kind of places, you could entirely incapacitate someone and basically do what you wanted to them!......