Helix Studios - Hotel Helix - Room Service - Jacob Hansen, Alex Riley & Aaron Roberts [720p]

Release: May 13, 2021

Length: 38m 37s

Boyfriends Alex Riley & Jacob Hansen are staying at a spicy hotel which gets them horned up real good. The boys start talking about what really turns them on, and Hansen heats up with an immediate answer, "three way." Doing him one better, Alex instantly finds hot blond, Aaron Roberts online and he's definitely down for a dicking. The boys get to work right quick, and the triple trouble is tantalizing.

Alex and Jacob taste every inch of the blond twink before Hanson receives a nice, raunchy, sloppy suck job from the tag twink team. The beautiful boyfriends Aaron through the porny paces, with ass licking, and spit roasting before Riley creates a cum filled twink train pulling slamming Hansen's hot hole from the back while the boy is still blasting our blond, bone hungry boy. The fucktastic freak-fest continues , concluding with a explosion of ecstasy from the cum filled couple.