[Gaycest] Mr Armstrong & His Boy Austin - Dad & Son Plow Cousin Cole (720p)

Release: May 8, 2021

Length: 20m 32s

For Mr. Armstrong, nothing is more important than family. He adores his boy Austin and wants to shower him with every bit of love and affection he can. The two have been practically inseparable since the first time he bred Austin’s hole. Still, every good dad knows that boys are going to want more than just their old man’s attention.

Mr. Armstrong loves that Austin is discovering more about himself and experimenting with different guys, but he can’t help but want his boy close to him and the rest of the clan. After all, who else is going to know what Austin needs better than his daddy?

When the two went away to the Forbidden Boy Hotel, they found themselves free to explore each other’s desires in a way that felt different from being at home. Even when it was just the two of them the familiar trappings of life at the house made it hard to always do the things they wanted. Such as bringing cousin Cole into the mix.

Cole is a handsome, friendly, bright young man. Not only does he have a tall, athletic body, but he’s sporting a cock that makes both father and son weak. Each of them have had a chance to experience the cousin’s body, but never together as a family. It was always Mr. Armstrong’s dream to have the two of them together, and now, thanks to the Forbidden Boy Hotel, that has become a reality.

Cole enters the wood-paneled bedroom of his uncle and cousin, seeing them relaxing in their white, cloth bathrobes and casually feeling each other’s bodies. It would have been weird for him to see them so intimate in the past, but after his own experiences with his and Austin’s grandfather, he’s come around to the idea of seeing the men in his family fully aroused and fucking.

Mr. Armstrong invites the tall boy onto the bed, offering up his free side as Austin cuddles close on the other. It feels great to have the two boys flanking him, with both pawing at his jockstrap eager to take out his daddy dick. He can’t deny them that satisfaction.

Pulling out his cock, the two boys begin taking turns kissing it and sucking it. Austin loves seeing his cousin take his old man’s meat in his mouth, knowing well what it feels like in his. The two boys are so close, and this is sure to make them even closer.

As much as Mr. Armstrong loves to have his boys devour his cock, he’s really interested in one thing: Cole’s sweet ass. The boy is a champion cocksucker, but it’s his amazing ass that Mr. Armstrong wanted to take for a spin. The thought of sharing Cole’s hole with his boy was everything to him. It was so rare for the two of them to top together, and Cole was the only one Mr. Armstrong wanted in that moment.

Putting Cole on his side, the older man lifted up his long legs to give his cock room to slide between his cheeks. Cole was distracted as Austin moved between his thighs to start sucking his cousin’s throbbing cock. The handsome young man was getting it from both ends as Mr. Armstrong filled his ass with his bare cock, pushing it in balls deep before beginning his steadily increasing pace of fucking.

Cole moaned with intense pleasure as he felt himself between his uncle and cousin. The two were expertly using him, fucking and sucking so well that he didn’t know who was bringing him closer to cumming. He clenched his tight hole on his uncle’s cock as his cousin slurped down his pre-cum, feeling it run to the back of his throat as he took him deep.

Mr. Armstrong knew he couldn’t be selfish. As much as he loved the feeling of Cole’s hole, he wanted to see Austin rise to the occasion as well. Placing Cole on his back, Mr. Armstrong held up Cole’s legs, telling the young guy to get behind Cole and give him a try. Cole looked into Austin’s eyes, ready for his buddy to drive deep into his well opened hole. Austin barely had to push the tip of his cock against his sphincter before his cousin’s ass swallowed him up.

Austin made his old man proud as he began to fuck his cousin with the same pace as his old man. Cole could tell he’d learned to fuck from his dad, making the experience all the hotter as his prostate got pounded by the little guy’s cock. Cole could see his uncle stroking his cock behind Austin, getting turned on by the sight of them going at it. But what really got Cole hot was seeing Mr. Armstrong mount up behind Austin, filling his tight hole as he continued to breed his cousin.

The three were locked in a chain of fucking as they stirred up each other’s loins, coming closer to climaxing with each connected push. It was an open question as to who would burst first, spilling their familial seed all over their shared bed. Cole tried to hold out as long as he could, not wanting the special moment between father, son, and cousin to end.