Colby Knox - Tight End With Masyn Thorne -BAREBACK- (with Colby Chambers) [720p]

Release: May 17, 2021

Length: 22m 08s

This week’s video starts with a shirtless Colby Chambers in the garage. Masyn Thorne comes around the corner, tossing a football and carrying pads. Seems like the jock had a tough football practice. On top of that his teammates talked about nothing but all the tail they get. Poor Masyn is single and “hasn’t been laid in six months.” Colby plays it cool, listening to the stud’s story of woe. “What are you doing single,” Colby asks. “Look at you.” Excellent question. Masyn thinks girls are “too much drama” and hasn’t gotten any head in six months.

Colby’s eyes twinkle but he plays it cool. “Are you hard right now,” he wonders as he reaches for Masyn’s tool. He tries to back away but Colby’s hand “feels good.” Colby pulls down the horny stud’s shorts. That dick is poking out of the jockstrap. “Goddamn,” Colby wonders. “How do you practice like that?” The moment Colby’s tongue touches Masyn’s dick, he’s in heaven. “Oh fuck,” bro,” he moans as Colby makes a meal out of the hefty dong. Masyn face fucks Colby, making sure those sweaty balls hit Colby’s chin. “Suck my fucking meat, bro,” Masyn says. Colby happily obliges, choking on all that dick. He gets up and starts licking Masyn’s nipples and pits. “They taste so fucking good,” Colby says. Masyn flexes his arms as Colby laps his biceps. As the two kiss and make out, Colby grabs those plump ass cheeks. He wants some of that cake.

“Taste that sweaty fucking hole,” Masyn says as Colby puts his face between those cheeks.”Eat that hairy fucking hole, bro,” Masyn says. The stud knows what he likes and needs. Colby slaps that ass as he eats it, tugging on Masyn’s dick. When Colby pulls down his shorts, his cock is ready to fill up some “jock butt.” Masyn arches his back as Colby busts open that ass.

“Give me that hole,” Colby demands as Masyn works his ass on that thick slab of meat.

“Shit, dude. Your cock is fucking big,” Masyn moans as Colby slowly goes in and out.

Masyn wants Colby’s juice to coat his insides, which Colby gladly does. His cum drips out of Masyn’s hole, coating Colby’s dick head. Don’t worry. The scene isn’t over. The boys move to the bedroom. Masyn has his head in Colby’s lap, sucking away. “Fuck, dude. “It’s fucking big,” Masyn whimpers as he comes up for air.

Masyn uses his hand as his mouth goes up and down. He uses drool and spit as lubrication. Masyn can’t swallow it all but it gives it a good try. He joins Colby on the bed and offers his pits for a second round of pit and nipple licking. Masyn’s booty looks so good in the jockstrap. It’s time for some more fucking. He lubes and sits on Colby’s prick. It looks so good spreading those meaty cheeks apart. He slowly goes up and down, trying to get used to the girth of it all.

“Nice and slow,” Masyn whimpers.

“Yeah. Ride it,” Colby responds.

Masyn murmurs filth as he goes up and down, stroking his engorged tool. He takes his sweaty strap and puts it under Colby’s nose. Colby takes a whiff of all the jock smell and sweat.

Masyn rides to the balls, slapping his cheeks as he gets split. He’s loving it all.

“Your cock is so fucking thick, bro,” he says.

“Tap that fucking straight ass,” Colby replies.

Masyn needs another load inside of him and Colby gives it.

“Breed my fucking hole,” Masyn orders.

Colby likes to make his bottoms happy, so he dumps another load inside the bi-stud. All this fucking pushes Masyn over the edge. He jerks his dick, his juice landing on Colby’s chest and face.

“Let’s go shower, football boy,” Colby says.

Not a bad idea after watching this scene. Make sure to go over to Masyn Thorne’s Twitter page (@MasynThorneXXX) and show some love to the jock stud!