William Higgins – Laco Meido & Erik Drda – RAW FULL CONTACT

Laco Meido is enjoying rubbing Erik Drda's sexy chest. Erik's dick is already rock hard in his underwear as Laco's hand slides over it. He pulls the underwear down a bit to release Erik's cock and starts to rub it as he leans forward so they can kiss. Then Laco kisses his way down to Erik's cock and takes it into his mouth. He licks the cockhead and sucks on it. Laco's head bobs on the cock as he enjoys sucking and wanking it. Erik stands, his cock poking out in front of him as Laco drops to his knees to continue sucking. Then it is back to the bed with Erik laying down, legs spread so that Laco can rim his hot, hairy, hole. Laco is rock hard too as he takes off his u nderwear and straddles Erik. He slides his asshole down on the throbbing cock and begins to ride it. That sexy ass slides up and down on Erik's dick taking it deep. Then Erik begins to fuck that hot ass. His cock slams into the hole as Laco holds it in place. Laco turns around and continue to ride the cock as he wanks his own. Releasing his dick it flops all over the place as his ass fucks itself onto Erik's cock. Then Laco lays down for Erik to fuck him missionary style. he wanks himself as Erik pounds his hole. It doesn't take long before Laco shoots his hot cum with Erik's cock deep in his ass. Erik keeps up the fucking as Laco milks his cock dry. Then Erik pulls out dumps his hot cum all over Laco's cock and balls. They then go off to the shower to clean up.

Duration: 25:22