Str8Hell- Gabo Hasla & Peto Mohac RAW - YOUNG OFFENDERS.mp4

With Peto Mohac in charge of security Gabo Hasla is not going to get away with stealing. He is dragged into the room and protests his innocence which has no effect on Peto. Gabo is made to stand so that he can be searched. He takes off his tee shirt and then is told to remove his shorts too. Again he protests his innocence and removes the shorts. Peto is very forceful and strips the underwear from Gabo, not finding anything stolen. Naked now Gabo has to hand over his backpack which Peto searches. He finds the stolen credit cards and then threatens to call the police. Gabo is very eager not to involve the police, promising to do anything. That gives Peto the opening he wants and he has Gabo stand and present his ass. Peto runs his hands over Gabo's sexy ass, giving it a spank too. He rubs the ass and then pushes Gabo to his knees as he starts to strip. With his big cock out Peto makes Gabo suck it. He holds Gabo's head and fucks his hard cock into his mouth. That cock is rock hard and Peto fucks it deep into Gabo's mouth. Gabo takes it well and his kisses Peto's balls too. Then he kneels on the chair, presenting hia ass which soon feels the big cock pushing deep inside. Peto grabs Gabo's hips and fucks hard into that hot ass hole. The big cock fucks balls deep into Gabo's hole. Peto pulls his cock out and shoves it back in again . His balls are tight as he fucks hard into Gabo's ass. Gabo takes that big cock so well as it fucks hard and fast into his hole. He is turned over, onto his back, and gets the big cock pounding his hole again. As he takes that cock Gabo wanks himself too. Peto keeps fucking hard and fast into that hot ass as Gabo wanks himself to shoot his cum all over his body. Then Gabo kneels before Peto who wanks himself to unload his hot cum. Gabo sucks the cock to clean it off to end a great scene.

Duration: 19:38