William Higgins - Ivanek Ukara & Mirek Belan RAW - FULL CONTACT.mp4

Ivanek Ukara is doing his hair, in front of the mirror when Mirek Belan joins him. He chose Ivanek that he has something better to do. When he begins to kiss his friend as they move to the bed. With Ivanek, laying on the bed Mirek kneels between his legs and opens his jeans. Pulling them down releases the big hard cock which Mirek begins to suck. His hot mouth works hard on that dick and he sucks the balls too. That fat cock is so hard as Mirek works on it.He pushes down his own jeans to expose his cock and ass as he keeps sucking on Ivanek’s dick. Then Marek straddles His friend and slide his Dick into the open mouth. Ivanek Takes the rock hard cock into his mouth and suck it as Mirek fucks it down his throat. Mirek then moves backwards to slide his ass down on the waiting cock. His tight hole wraps around the clock as he rides up and down. Then that dick starts to fuck up into the ass, pounding hard and fast. Mirek moans as he takes the Dick deep into his hole. Ivanek continues to fuck as hard as he can. Changing position Mirek lays on his back to take that dick deep into his ass again. He wanks himself as he takes that cock, moaning loudly with each thrust. The big cock stretches his ass as he keeps wanking until his dick keeps up the hot cum. Ivanek bangs that ass as hard as he can as the hot jizz shoots from his friend’s cock. Mirek turns over onto his knees to take the dick in his ass again so that Ivanek can continue to pleasure that hole. He fucked deep and hard until he is ready to blow his load then pulls out to dump the creamy cum onto the sexy ass.

Duration: 15:58