Wildlands (2006) Studio 2000 mp4

director Rick Tugger

Andrew Phillips
Brandon Irons
Brian Bodine
Damon DeMarco
Dean Monroe
Jeremy Hall
Richie Fine
Rod Daily
Trevor Knight

If two studs fuck in the woods and no one is there to see it, did it really happen? Yes it did, and fortunately, Studio 2000 was there to capture every drop for your enjoyment. In Wildlands, award-winning director Rick Tugger explores what happens when two Park Rangers are stuck on a one-year tour of duty in mountain country. Wildlands stars Studio 2000 Exclusive Jeremy Hall and Superstar Dean Monroe as seasoned forest rangers, Trevor Knight and Damon DeMarco as their able-bodied replacements, hot new Studio 2000 Exclusive Brian Bodine as the wayward hiker, Brandon Irons and Andrew Phillips as the lost party boys, and Richie Fine and Studio 2000 Exclusive Rod Daily as bad boy cousins out for trouble.

1. Dean Monroe, Jeremy Hall

2. Trevor Knight, Andrew Phillips, Brandon Irons

3. Damon DeMarco, Brian Bodine

4. Rod Daily, Richie Fine, Dean Monroe