RawEuro - Curtis Fitch & Kieran Tooby - Fuck Buddies.mp4

Kieran Tooby was walking around looking for big cock when calling up Curtis Fitch crossed his mind. He gave him a call and they met up. They wasted no time and got down to business immediately. Kieran gave Curtis a kiss while undoing his pants before taking hold of his big cock. Curtis leaned back to relax while the blond made naughty noises with his mouth full of cock. Curtis repaid the favor before grabbing Kieran's hips so he could wet his hole. This was the moment Kieran was waiting for because big cock would penetrate him soon. They started barebacking doggystyle but Kieran then wanted to take control so he started riding. Then they went missionary and couldn't help but start shooting jizz all over each other!

Curtis Fitch aka Roman Renda, Casper Randall
Kieran Tooby aka Hans Lecker, Kieran Karlsson

Duration: 19:21