Freshmen 169

Bruce Querelle & Christopher Caan

Our last Freshmen edition of the year leads off with Christopher Caan and Bruce Querelle. Christopher is endearingly nervous as he is about to meet the man of his dreams. His nerves prove unwarranted as Bruce is horny and Christopher’s increasingly buff physique is just right to satisfy his lust. Though they’ve never met before, their chemistry is great with Christopher’s need to get fucked equaling Bruce’s need to fuck.

Kirk Gauguin & Elio Chalamet

Life is full of highs and lows for all of us- including our boys. Today Kirk is at a low as he just failed his volley-ball exam. Elio, being a good friend, is determined to raise his spirits- and his penis. So, he lends his hand, his mouth and his ass to make his buddy feel better. He decides to give him an “exam” in a different, simpler “game” than the ridiculously complicated volleyball. Here, “scoring” involves giving and receiving as much pleasure as possible and the only “spiking” will be Kirk’s dick into Elio’s perfect ass. While Kirk is a failure at the sport of volleyball, he’s a genius at the sport of fucking. We’re sure Elio- and you- will give him an A++.

Dancing in the Sun
This documentary was filmed just a couple of weeks ago. So, you will get a peek at one of our new Freshmen as well as a few of your favorites. Social Media plays a big part in the lives of many porn stars and they take it very seriously. Thus. a whole day is needed for them to capture the perfect Instagram moments. The unfamiliar face you’ll be lusting after is Ethan Opry. You will be seeing a lot more of him in 2020.

Duration: 18:54; 20:45; 11:48