Freshmen 168

Eluan Jeunet & Riff Dornan part 1

Our two-part special begins with Riff Dornan and Eluan Jeunet. Even with the bevy of beauty that is BelAmi, there are times when our boys don’t want to perform. A common ploy is for them to pretend to be too busy to do anything. Fortunately, they always succumb to that beauty and they (and their dicks) rise to every occasion. As it is with Eluan today. Eluan has a fantastically big dick that he knows how to use with our new boys. But today, he feels more like receiving then giving. Eluan shows that he is an excellent bottom as well as a great top and eagerly takes all that Riff and his fat dick can bring.
Christian with Riff & Eluan part 2

Christian can’t help it. Whenever there’s a three way he must be the centre of attention. Especially if there are two very big dicks involved. When he arrives home just as Eluan and Riff are cleaning from their first round of sex, he must invite them for a second. Since Eluan and Riff’s sexual appetite is nearly as great as Christian’s- they also can’t help it. They have to say yes. Christian’s ass proves the perfect “meal” to quench their hunger. Lots of attention is paid to it during this fantastic three-way. Which is just the way Christian likes it!
A Very Sandy Christmas

Bel Ami boys do it differently. Sledding doesn’t need snow and surfing doesn’t need water and Christmas doesn’t need visions of sugar plums. As this festively themed video from last year’s trip to Africa shows, Christmas can also be about visions of great looking guys having fun in the sun. While what they’re doing seems dangerous, we can assure you there were no permanent injuries made during the production of this video.

Duration: 16:41; 22:21; 9:26