Freshmen 164 Pip Caulfield & Sven Basquiat (1 & 2)

Pip Caulfield & Sven Basquiat part 1

Fashion faux paus, first world problems and fabulous fucking highlight this scene featuring two of your favourite twinks: Sven and Pip. The fashion faux pas occurs when Pip buys the same shirt as Sven, causing the more fashionable Sven to have a bit of a meltdown. It will be “weird” if they’re seen together dressed the same! While Pip isn’t willing to give Sven the shirt off his back, to make peace he is very willing to offer his hot ass as compensation. As you’re aware, this is a two-part special. So, we’ll have a chance to see Pip return the favour. We know that Pip loves big dicks. It seems as if he loves average ones too, provided they’re attached to a gorgeous blond with a taut body and an insatiable sex drive. Judging by the amount of cum Pip pumps out- the biggest load to date- he seems more than satisfied with Sven.

Pip Caulfield & Sven Basquiat part 2

Pip our horny hobbit returns with our erotic elf, Sven, to see if they can hold the pace they set in part one. As this is a continuation of the action, there is no introduction. We jump right into Pip sucking off his buddy who admits that he has forgiven him for the T-shirt faux pas. Once again, Pip is the first to shoot though his load isn’t as voluminous as the first. We’re not sure who enjoyed topping or bottoming more, but we do know one thing: every first world problem can be solved with a first-rate fucking.

Duration: 20:15; 19:13