Freshmen 163

Eluan Jeunet & Riff Dornan

This edition of Bootcamp leads with Riff Dornan’s first hardcore appearance in this series. His partner is our sexy linguist, Eluan Jeunet. Though Riff is content to be fucked, topping is his preference. It seems whatever makes Riff happy makes Eluan ecstatic as he is palpably thrilled riding Riff’s cock. His ecstasy is evident as he pumps out a huge creamy load and then lets his buddy continue to pump until he cums all over Eluan’s appreciative ass.

Adam Archuleta & Robin Rief

Joel, our hung, Hungarian matchmaker has organized a surprise for Adam today- blond hottie Robin Rief! In this latest addition of BootCamp we find it surprising, and somewhat comforting, that Adam still gets nervous on a “first date” with a good-looking newbie. It’s endearing to watch him busily making himself beautiful all morning for his meet up. The scene is shot using multiple styles, fixed camera, Joel’s hand-held camera and from Adam’s point of view. Those who object to Joel’s taking part in scenes may relax. Joel’s contribution is limited to camerawork and he doesn’t make an appearance himself. Of course, a scene featuring Adam has great sex, and Robin demonstrates that he loves dick.Enrique Vera

Enrique Vera

Enrique is a handsome conundrum. How is it possible for someone to be simultaneously reserved and a slutty exhibitionist? How can he have a body that looks carved from marble while also having the face of an angel? Watch the video as Kevin tries to unravel the riddle of Enrique.

Duration: 16:40; 22:05; 11:05