Freshmen 162

Zac Haynes & Jason Bacall

Joel has a dual role as translator and matchmaker as he introduces strapping Freshman Zac Haynes to equally hunky veteran Jason Bacall. This was supposed to be a training scene, but, as you will see, Zac had other intentions. He makes it clear he is ready, willing and able to take all that Jason has to offer.

Hugo Diorr & Kevin Warhol

Kevin Warhol is in front of the camera today in a scene with twinky Hugo Diorr. Hugo is another boy that Kevin has ‘saved’ from the clutches of Adam Archuletta, who had plans to teach Hugo all about deep throating. Kevin has a much more rounded education in mind. Hugo is a keen and apt student who gleefully absorbs all the “knowledge” that Kevin imparts. This may be the last scene you’ll see of Hugo. It will certainly be the last you’ll see of him for some time. We have one more scene of his as part of the “Out at Last” series, but it won’t be shown for a while, if at all. But we’ve saved the best for (possibly) last as this is the finest performance from our “Flirting with Porn” model.

Pip Caulfield

Pip is anxious to start on his interview and solo so gets up extra early to get ready. It doesn’t matter, Pip is a heavenly, happy Hobbit no matter the time or weather. As you are already familiar with Pip, we’ll forego further introductions and let you see for yourself what he has to say.

Duration: 24:46; 21:33; 18:49