Freshmen 128-1 - Jeff Mirren & Pierre Cezanne 810p.mp4

Different boys have different roles within our production team. Kevin and Adam are budding cameramen, Rhys and Rick are production assistants. Then there’s Jeff who is a jack of all trades. Today he is Kevin’s model and trainer of choice to partner in Pierre Cezanne’s first video with us. The boys let us in on a trade secret … they do specific exercises before the scene to better show off their muscles. We hope you appreciate the extra effort they make for your enjoyment. We recognize that some are put off by Pierre’s beard. However, he would not agree to work with us unless we let him keep it. After his first few scenes, he decided to shave it. When you see his hot, urgent and passionate sex, all but the die-hards will agree that he was worth making an exception for.

Duration: 18:24