Freshmen #124, sc 2 - Ronny Lamarr & Thom Jacobs.mp4

Thom Jacobs’ appearances on Freshmen and Bel Ami are sparse, so his scene here with Ronny Lamaar is a treat. The story is as old as any fairy tale: A boy with a cute bubble butt, in this case Thom, desires big dicks. He finds a boy with a big dick who craves tight asses, in this case Ronny. They fuck. Ronny’s fucking is full of energy, strong and deep as he shows his appreciation of Thom’s tight ass by pulling out and shooting a huge load all over his buddy’s belly. He then greedily laps up his load and Thom’s as well. Happily ever after? That’s a bit greedy. But when Thom’s tight ass sat upon Ron’s big cock their dreams- for that day at least- came true.

Duration: 20:24