Freshmen #121, sc 2 - Tom Rogers & Jim Durden.mp4

Your mother warned you to stay away from the bad boys. But what can you do when the bad boys are the best fucks? Tom and Jim both fall into the “bad boy” category. We find them the day after Tom got into an altercation at a club the previous night. Fortunately, Tom is the evident winner of this scuffle as his injuries seem to be limited to a slightly bruised cheek and a sexy, husky voice. The boosted testosterone makes him eager for another, more pleasure-oriented conquest and his “opponent” is Jim whom he engages in a wrestling match to see who bottoms. Once again, Tom is the victor and Jim must plead for his turn to be on top. Fortunately, Tom is magnanimous in victory. Even bad boys like good fucks.

Duration: 21:42