Freshmen 117 - Justin Saradon & Benoit Ulliel (2 parts)

Justin Saradon & Benoit Ulliel part 1

We’re kicking off the new year with this flip flop scene between Justin Saradon and Benoit Ulliel. Although the boys declare that they have never had sex together before, it is a bit of a fib, there is also a home video that they had filmed prior to this scene that we will be bringing you later on. Regardless of whether this was their first time or not, it is certainly a great combination. In part 1, we see Justin very impatient to get fucked by Benoit and his big dick, and rather unusually, 2/3 of this clip is made up of Justin enjoying every inch of Benoit that he can.

Duration: 18:35

Justin Saradon & Benoit Ulliel part 2

As you would expect, part 2 is the reverse of the first: while the boys are both still rock hard they decide to change places so that Justin can fuck Benoit. They start out with a nice 69 blowjob before moving on with fucking doggy style. We couldn’t decide which part was hotter, so in the end we determined that both boys are equally as good as tops as they are as bottoms. What do you think?

Duration: 17:30