[Eurocreme] Officeboy (2006).avi

Studio: Eurocreme
Director: Max Lincoln
Location: UK
Released: 2006
Length: 1h 40m 26s
Resolution: 720p x 400p
Cast: Aurelien Duval, Fery Shemin, Jack Williams, Johan Volny, Nicolas Santos, Richard Said, Robbie G, Ryan Benson, Scott Black, Sean Dawson, Thomas Dyk, Will Jamison

It`s the start of the day and smooth hunk Will Jamieson is up and getting ready for the daily grind at the office. Working in a central London office has its advantes, especially when there is an armed guard at the door who regularly occupies himself with the handsome young employees.

Dreaming his day away, Will fantasises about steamy session with colleagues and the office handyman which make the hands on the clock move that bit faster. Having to keep visitors entertained is one task that no Office Boy would pass up, especially when they are stunning as Jack Williams and they find many ways to preoccupy themselves.

With such horny guys all under the same roof, working 9-5 has never been so fun and it doesn`t stop there.