Corbin Fisher - ACS0954 - Kai Uses Kyler [720p].mp4

We all got to discover fairly recently that Kyler quite likes getting tied up, toyed with, and dominated! In his first Coeds experience with bondage, he was clearly incredibly turned on and I think that moment flipped a switch in him - he found it insanely hot, his cock was completely stiff the entire time, he was leaking precum all over, and blasted out a huge load while getting his hole drilled with a dildo. That experience was so hot for Kyler and all of us watching, in fact, we had to see more! We wanted to get Kyler tied up again, yet add in a whole new dynamic by having it happen in a hardcore, no-limits, bisexual threeway! Kai was more than happy to help make this happen - he really liked the idea of being able to tease and toy with a blindfolded, strapped down Kyler and as the action got going here he continued to get more and more turned on with everything happening. He had Kyler’s big dick and tight hole to do with as he pleased, and took full advantage. It’s while Kai’s working over Kyler’s hole and pounding it hard that Kyler blasts off a huge load, which sets off Kai to fire off his own. By the end of the action, everyone’s thoroughly satisfied and Kyler is coated in cum!

Added: May 11, 2020

Video Length: 21:24