College Dudes - Richie West & Malakai White.mp4

Malakai White finds Richie West lounging on the bed and doesn’t hesitate to join him on the mattress. Malakai showers Richie with kisses across his body and then Richie returns the attention, licking Malakai’s nipples and kissing his chest. Malakai is the first to claim a cock, going down on Richie and deepthroating that sweet dick. Richie gets his fill of cock too as he sucks on Malakai’s prick, getting him rock hard before bending him over on the bed and pushing his dick into him.

Richie takes it nice and slow, loving the tightness of Malakai’s puckered hole around his throbbing hard cock. Richie fucks Malakai harder and faster, turning him onto his back and pounding him raw and deep, making Malakai moan for more. Malakai plays with his own prick, stroking it as Richie fucks far into his hole until Richie pounds the cum out of Malakai. A few more go thrusts and Richie pulls out and shoots his hot jizz all over Malakai, leaving him sore and covered in their seed.

Duration: 20:45 minutes

Released: May 26, 2020