Colby Knox - Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox Tag-Team Willy T.mp4

Watch as Colby and Mickey get their hands on Willy T for the first time during a live show. Willy has done a few studio scenes for ColbyKnox, but this is his very first Live show with them. They are doing their show on Chaturbate which is actually where Colby and Mickey Met Willy for the first time. They were getting ready for a show one night and happen to stumble across Willy’s room. Willy was as sexy as ever and the boys knew right then that they needed him to come over for a visit. Willy has been doing live shows on Chaturbate for years and is already very used to having that many people watching him perform. Right from the start you can tell Colby and Mickey have a plan. That plan is very simple, get Willy Butt naked and Fuck his big beautiful bubble butt. Willy’s ass is something remarkable. Its so plump and soft I’m surprised the boys were able to last as long as they did. Mickey gets to go first and he does not waste any time at all. Colby has to remind him that the show has not even started yet as Mickey starts to thrust faster and faster inside of Willy’s tight hole. After getting his fill its time to share the love. Willy jumps right off Mickey’s cock and straight onto Colby’s. Colby’s cock is considerably thicker than Mickeys and it takes Willy a second to adjust to his girth. Before long though he is relaxed and loving it as Colby uses his buff college boy body. Colby takes a handful of cheeks as he slams his dick home. The noise and incredible feeling is too much for Colby to handle. Colby pulls his cock out just in time to hose Willy down with his warm load. His cum still dripping from his cock and Mickey is already trying to push his way back in. Mickey knows he will be next to blow his load. Another incredible night online at the CK house..

Duration: 20:56 minutes

Released: March 29, 2020