ChaosMen - 2451 - Bailey & Kayden Frost RAW.mp4

For those of you who love lean guys with big dicks, this video is for you.

Kayden is a skinny boy with a fat cock, and Bailey was just the Twink to take it! Bailey could barely get it down his throat, gagging often, so I was worried when it came time to fuck, he would have a problem. Nope!

Kayden also shows-off his Bossy side in this video. I think since Bailey is so passive, that it just brings out everyone's inner Dom.

I love watching Kayden try to wedge his cock down Bailey's throat when Bailey has his head over the side of the bed. Poor lucky guy!

And then when it came time to take his dick, all it took was a little rimming from Kayden to make Bailey eager for cock.

Kayden runs his cock up and down the crease of Bailey's ass, and boy, it sure looks like it will fill-him-up!

But Bailey only had to grimace and put his head down for a few seconds before he was encouraging Kayden to fuck him harder.

Kayden pulls-out and laid down so Bailey could clean and lube-up his cock. Bailey rides his cock, and it feels like this was Bailey's favorite position.

Next, Kayden got him on his back, truly a sure-fire way of making Bailey blow his load. Which of course, he did.

Next Kayden bred his Bottom's boy hole, wedging the last of his load inside of him.

He pulls-out and straddles Bailey's face, making him lick the last bit of his own load from his fat dick!

11 May 2020

Duration: 33:36