[Boys Halfway House] Incident # 253 - Small, Tight, And Gaping - Jack A.mp4

The vast majority of residents are lazy pieces of shit, and this teenage delinquent is no exception. There's not a rule he's been eager to break, and he fashions himself as a rebel. In reality, he is just another young man headed for a life of institutionalization at worst, or being a deadbeat boyfriend mooching off of a bitch who has kids that aren't his, at best. Well, in these situations, we have always found it's better to start with the small stuff, like tidiness, and then work our way up to the big stuff, like the propensity to commit felonies. So, nicely enough, I asked him why the fuck he could fold up his sheets (he had been sleeping on a couch because of over-capacity). He not only didn't have a good answer, but he copped an attitude.

Needless to say, he was gobbling down my cock within minutes. Even though he portrays himself as a tough guy, he's really just a submissive sub, always seeking approval from whichever alpha male is within shouting distance of him. I treated him like the POS he is, spitting in his mouth and making sure he got my cock all nice and wet. He's a little fella, so he does have a teethy blowjob, but not the worst thing in the world. At least he can open his jaws fairly wide and I was 'raring to go after that little warmup.

When he bent over the arm of the couch, I took a look at his hole. It didn't look tight at all. In fact, it was gaping even though I hadn't so much laid a finger on it. I guess that explains why the alpha males in his life have put up with him even though he is worthless. Nevertheless, I had him finger himself just to make sure he could take my thick cock. After all, he is so small that a big gape on him actually isn't that much space. I was proved right when I finally stuck it in. Hot damn, this guy is tight. I was glad, too, because I enjoyed not only the feeling, but all of the groans and moans from him. I flipped him over to get a better view of his facial expressions. They were entertaining to say the least, but even more entertaining was that blush-red cunt of his. It's the kind of asshole you just want to fuck every day. So warm and inviting.

After a long time on his back, I got up with him onto the couch and tagged him from behind. This time I was going harder and deeper, and he was writhing. Clinching his teeth, piting the blankets, he was doing anything and everything he could to get through it. Meanwhile, I was having a ball, and really enjoying the way this little guy felt. I was wrapping my arms around his small torso as I got close, and then I bred this little fuck as deep as I could. It felt so good, that even after 5 big squirts deep inside of him, my cock was still pumping after I pulled out. As long as you don't have to have actual conversations with him or hang around him much, and as long as you guard your valuables, this is exactly the kind of teenage bitch you want in your life.

Duration: 27:39 minutes

Released: April 22, 2020