Staxus - Abir Tevel, Max Grey, Orri Gaul - FHD1080.mp4

Futsal Flings, Sc.1: Late-Cummer Gaul Makes It A Hard Spit-Roast For Peeping Tom!

You’d surely have to be either a saint or a eunuch not to want to sneak a peek at handsome noob, Abir Tevel, as he soaps himself down in the shower after a hard session out on the pitch; and since Max Grey is neither of those things it will come as no surprise that he’s soon taking full advantage of the situation to get an eyeful of the lad’s toned torso and deliciously uncut schlong. In addition, he’s totally unrepentant when Tevel realises that there’s a Peeping Tom in the room, and is quickly underlining his sluttish mannerisms by taking his pal’s dick in his mouth and slurping on it for all he’s worth. It’s a move that Tevel clearly doesn’t have an issue with – so much so, in fact, that the lad makes a prompt beeline for Grey’s ever-insatiable fuck-hole and eagerly rims the hot slit before ramming every inch of his knob inside.

At which point you’d be forgiven perhaps for thinking that this was all set to be your everyday, standard duo – until, that is, the sudden arrival of Orri Gaul, who immediately stands behind Grey’s rear and thrusts every hard inch of his cock right into the boy’s guts. What’s more, Grey doesn’t even seem to bat so much as an eyelid as he’s energetically spit-roasted by both horned-up tops in turn; taking turns to ride both buds cowboy-style and finally (somewhat inevitably) spurting in all directions. But it’s surely the sight of the lad down on his knees between Gaul and Tevel and taking every drop of their jizz all over his face that warrants greatest acclaim; with the fellow calling it a wrap by slurping on both spent cocks with a grin from ear to ear!

Duration: 26:54