Sportin' Wood (2010) Rascal C1R mp4

Brent Everett
Clay Foxe
Dallas Foster
Drew Peters
Eddie Stone
Holden Grey
Jacob Slader
Jason Ridge
Josh Carter
Kris Knight
Parker Williams
Todd Winters
Victor Rios

Fourteen ripped abs and ass, ball-busting jocks erupt in a locker room in this Rascal presentation of Sportin' Wood! Anything goes for these all-American cum-sports, from rubbing around between spandex and straps, to torn whity-tighties beyond a 6-man orgy! You won't want to miss the double-dip-stick BJ, daisy chain-link or rose petal pounding in this hour action packed release!

1. Andel, Todd Winters (from Take One for the Team)

2. Kris Knight solo

3. Clay Foxe, Parker Williams, Victor Rios

4. Jason Ridge, Eddie Stone (from Take One for the Team)

5. Brent Everett, Dallas Foster, Drew Peters, Ethan Richards, Holden Grey, Josh Carter