[MEN] Three Brothers Master Cut - Michael DelRay, Jack Hunter, Theo Brady & Zane Williams (720p).mp4

Released: 9 April 2020
Duration: 53m 13s

Poor Theo Brady has come to the hard decision that he needs to break up with his boyfriend, Michael Del Ray, because Michael is working too much and fucking Theo way too little. But of course, when he shows up, Michael's brother Zane Williams invites Theo in and tells him Michael's at work! When Zane hears about Theo's frustration, he pounds the sexy bottom on the couch... and the third brother, Jack Hunter, catches sight of them!

Theo's hot body and bottomless hole make Jack horny, so after his brother finishes, he pulls Theo into the bathroom and asks for a piece of that cake. As Theo gets his ass bred by brother number two, he doesn't realize that Michael has arrived home and is spying on them from under the bed!

Zane and Jack decide Theo needs to have it out with Michael, and the three bros gangbang the hot twink before saying goodbye for good.