Man's Best - Geiles Treiben

Geiles Treiben - Man's Best
aka Pushed To The Limit (Proof On File Dist.)

Released: 2000
RunTime: 60mins.

Pushed to the Limit is a recent video that starts with a cute dark-haired lad, Gian Marcos, writing an erotic story. Perhaps he is a script writer for Man's Best. As he writes we see the story line unfold. Two 18 year old twinks sit on a park bench and have a smoke. One complains that his back is achy, so they return to his room and he gets his long-haired friend to give him a back massage with a plug-in massager. The dark-haired twink strips down to his briefs and lies on his stomach for the machine massage. His buddy, still fully clothed, also uses the vibro on his ass. The twink rolls over and shows quite hard in his briefs. The buddy uses the vibro on the throbbing cock, then plunges his hand beneath the fabric to get a hand full. He also gets naked and they pull out a vacuum pump to really get their dicks up. The dark-haired twink goes down on his buddy and the long-hair returns the favor. They also horse around with a vibrating dildo. Both 18 year olds get off nicely. Gian composes another short vignette. Two bigger boys are in the middle of 69 on a bed. One gets off on his buddy's mouth, lips and tongue. The two go over to a jacuzzi tub so the other stud can return the favor. Scene three goes back to the twinks. Hard again, the long-haired lad lubes up his buddy's big cock and promptly takes a seat, riding it, condom-free, until orgasm. Scene four features that stunner, Pierre L'Fontaine. He is coupled with the story writer, Gian, in a fantasy love scene on clear plastic sheets on top of colorful cushions. Wonderful, clear detailed camerawork. Gian works over Pierre's flawless body and cock, then both kneel on the cushions, Pierre behind his buddy, groping and massaging as Gian strokes his 9+ inch cock to an explosive orgasm. Gian then lies on his stomach and Pierre side straddles him to beat out a thin but voluminous load all over his asshole. Pierre then uses four fingers to force his juices into the writer's puckered hole.