Guys In Sweatpants - Marcus Young & Romeo Foxx [Marcus Breeds Romeo] [720p].mp4

These boys said it themselves: a nice dick deserves a nice ass, and a nice ass deserves a nice dick. If you've seen Romeo's other videos on the site, you know he loves getting fucked and he's damn good at it! These two were looking forward to getting each other all weekend so I just let them go at it, especially since I know how bad Marcus was craving that ass. Every top loves a bottom who can cum and let you keep fucking him until you're done with him... and it was Marcus' lucky day cus that's Romeo! In case you need to cool down after watching this, feel free to jump in the pool with them at the end!

Cast: Marcus Young & Romeo Foxx

Released: March 16, 2020

Length: 22:51

Format: mp4, 720p, 30fps, 3,200kbps