Freshmen Issue 182

Daan Jeffries & Enrique Vera

The theme of this week seems to be “proper introductions”. Poor Kevin has the difficult job of introducing our new boys to BelAmi and is the first face they see and first impression of the company. Of course, the antics of our “old hands” makes every task more difficult as Daan Jeffries andEnrique Vera decide to use the front entrance of our hall as their preferred new place to make love.
Fortunately, Kevin manages to get them into the living room before the casting boys arrived and our permanently scared off. We follow the horny duo into the living room where their passion goes from hot to scorching. Their libidos are obviously at maximum temperature as evidenced by the long and deep rimming Enrique gives Daan to prepare him for his vigorous fucking.

Helmut with Jerome & Benny

What a way to say, “Welcome to Freshmen”. To be paired with both Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery for your first scene? Wow. This is what Lady Luck blessed Benny Saverin with. Our size-queen-in-chief, GD, let slip the fact that our eager Freshmen has a very nice dick which set the competitive friends fighting over who gets to bottom for him. They fell back on the usual “rock, paper, scissors” and Helmut won the right to be the lucky bottom. To show his friend there are no hard feelings, he treats him to a good dicking as well. With a welcome like this, our guess is that Benny is staying for a while.

Paolo Arreola - Photoshoot

With Paolo Arreola, we were provided a “proper introduction” and reintroduction as he is a model that started to work with us, went away a few years and came back as cute and as sexy as when they first arrived. Paolo’s first venture with us consisted only of a casting and one scene with Justin Saradon. Hopefully we’ll get more from the prodigal porn-star as we reintroduce him here on Freshmen. His next hardcore outing you’ll see in a couple of months as he is paired with Yannis Paluan.