Freshmen Issue 177

Olaf Mortensen & Jon Kael

This week’s parade of new guys continues with beefcake Olaf Mortensen being trained by the equally well-muscled veteran Jon Kael. Sensing Jon’s desire to get his hands and tongue on the sexy newbie, Marty wisely cuts the interview short in order to let Jon take charge. Olaf starts out a little nervous but becomes rock-hard after only a few seconds of Jon sucking on his nipples. Jon gently steers his hunky newbie throughout his first time on camera. His rimming is particularly effective. By the time Jon is done, Olaf’s hole is opening on its own- an invitation for Jon to fuck him. Jon eagerly accepts the invite, sliding the full length of his cock inside. Jon’s dick arrived inside his friend’s hot hole just in time - as Olaf shoots a huge load just a couple of minutes into the fuck!

Timothy Blue & Justin Saradon

At Freshmen, the only thing we can expect is the unexpected. Here we were all ready to complete our introduction of Timothy Blue, our sexy ginger, with a solo. While Kevin was giving his best sage advice on how to give a proper performance, the very experienced - and always horny - Justin Saradon arrived with other ideas. While we would have liked to see Timothy put Kev’s advice into action, we’re pleased that we got this great scene with Justin instead. Those that pay attention to the words as well as the moans will notice the boys calling Timothy “Freddy”. We’re not sure why, but Timothy by any other name would still be a succulent morsel for Justin to fuck making for a great introduction to team Freshmen.
John Lennox

Coming up shortly we will begin our formal introduction of newcomer John Lennox. Today we have his first set of images and the welcome news that his first scenes will be with Helmut and Kirk and are coming up in April. We know that there will probably be some comments that John bears more than a little resemblance to Olaf in our lead scene. While this may be the case, they are really in no way related.