Freshmen 133-2 - Eluan Jeunet & Jim Durden 810p.mp4

Here is our second scene with our luscious linguist- and last month’s Freshmen- Eluan Jeunet. Today he is paired with the spirited Jim Durden. Eluan is a multi-faceted guy whose interests extend far beyond just modelling for us. His eagerness to perform resulted in him working at our Bratislava studio, learning the ropes from Phillipe. Now he oversees our Chat studio in Budapest- putting his multi-lingual abilities to good use as Hungarian is one of the many languages he has mastered. Jim shares Eluan’s interest in chatting though he lacks Eluan’s linguistic skills. We suspect that this “chat training” is nothing more than an excuse for Eluan to fuck Jim. Well, if that’s the case, it worked out well for them, for us and for you. Those who are interested in joining in a conversation with these cuties can do so at belamichat as both boys are there quite often.

Duration: 21:55