Freshmen 129-1 - Eluan Jeunet & Kirk Gauguin 810p.mp4

This marks Eluan Jeunet’s hardcore debut.

This is true, though you’ll find it hard to believe after watching the scene. He exhibits none of the clumsiness or shyness we usually see in new models. In fact, it is Eluan who is the instigator here. Perhaps it is the intense crush he’s had on his partner Kirk that makes Eluan lack the hesitation of our normal newbie. Ever since meeting Kirk during the filming of our Freshmen BootCamp series Eluan has been lusting to get Kirk into bed. This pent-up desire makes for an energetic and intense fuck with Kirk Treating Eluan to the pounding he’s been craving. Kirk fucks a huge load out of his buddy before shooting his own load over Eluan’s waiting hole.

Duration: 19.38